Punit Asthana

President,Indian Dreams Foundation

A five minute chat with IDF’s founder and President Punit Asthana will reveal that he humbly considers himself to be an ordinary individual driven by an extraordinary dream - that not a single human being should be deprived of his or her fundamental rights of Survival, Participation, Protection and Development.

The loss of his father at the tender age of ten was a turning point for Punit. He set off on a journey to prove his strength of Character and Fortitude. He Established an accomplished Advertising Agency of his own but realized that his life has another purpose. His instinctual need to help fellow humans reflects in the steady path of progress and growth that IDF has followed since its creation.

His decade-long efforts in the fields of Education, Health and the Empowerment of the deprived girl child have been hugely appreciated globally, making him the proud recipient of many prestigious awards and honours worldwide.

Punit and the entire board at IDF are deeply moved by the disparities that exist between privileged and underprivileged children. Their educational campaign “Nayi Disha -Mujhe Padna Hai” TM is thus the major focus of the organization. Tremendous amount of research work was done to identify target areas and beneficiaries to improve the quality of education and provide customised programs to deprived children.

IDF’s members believe in governance with total integrity and sincere dedication – implementing their activities economically yet reaching out to the maximum population in the Agra region.

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