Punit Asthana

Founder and President

A five minute chat with IDF’s Founder and President Punit Asthana will reveal that he humbly considers himself to be an ordinary man driven by an extraordinary dream - that not a single human being should be deprived of his or her fundamental rights of survival, participation, protection and development. The loss of his father at the age of ten was a turning point for Punit. He set off on a journey to prove his strength of character and fortitude. He established an accomplished advertising agency of his own but realized that his life has another purpose. His instinctual need to help fellow humans reflects in the steady path of progress and growth that IDF has followed since its creation.

Jyoti Singh

Program Head

Jyoti joined IDF in 2007. She oversees program planning, implementation, stakeholder partnership, liaising and coordinating with government bodies. Her core expertise is in health & hygiene, education and empowerment of adolescent girls and women. Jyoti holds a Master degree in Social Work from the Institute of Social Sciences (ISS). In 2012, she was honored with “Bharat Excellence Award” for her outstanding work on various social issues including education, gender equality and women empowerment.

Mohd. Aftab

Program Manager

Aftab is responsible for implementing projects, organizing meetings with beneficiaries, documentation, reporting, collecting impact stories from IDF's project sites, and preparing monthly reports. His core expertise is in community mobilization, family counselling and building direct relationships with the beneficiaries. He joined IDF in 2016. Prior to joining IDF, Aftab holds Bachelor degree in Sociology.

Shankri Singh

Program Coordinator

Shankri started her career with IDF in 2014 and is responsible for organizing parents’ meetings, regular non-formal classes, creative sessions and assisting in community mobilization. She pursuing a Bachelor degree in Arts from Agra University.

Rahul Rathore

Program Coordinator

Rahul has completed his graduation from Agra University and did Diploma in Graphics from Arena Multimedia. He has more than 6 years of experience in graphic designing, web designing creative works and communication strategies. He joined IDF in 2011.

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