“A healthy, educated and developed society”.


Our mission is to work towards achieving , at the grass roots level, eradication of illiteracy and gender discrimination in underprivileged communities by educating them and creating awareness.

Organisational Objectives :

  • To spread awareness about the importance of education in underprivileged communities &encourage enrollment in either formal or non-formal schools.
  • To provide vocational and employment based education to adolescents and women for uplifting their status in the society.
  • To enroll dropouts and deprived children in formal school settings.
  • To adopting government primary & upper primary schools to improve and enhance quality of education in them by creating better infrastructure.
  • To mobilize and sensitize the community around education and health so to ensure community involvement for their overall development.
  • To promote gender equality by sponsoring education for girls.
  • To increase awareness among adolescent girls and women about proper hygiene & sanitation practices.

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