About Us

About us

The Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) is dedicated to educate, empower and develop underprivileged communities by creating awareness on pressing issues such as importance of education and health. IDF's journey began in 2004 when a group of like-minded people from various backgrounds decided to make a difference in the lives of those less privileged than them.

After IDF was established as an NGO on January 24th 2005, it has relentlessly worked in the spheres of education, health, and women empowerment in under-privileged communities. IDF strongly believes in the power of education as a tool of empowerment and uses it to break taboos and stereotypes. This belief shapes all our programs and the work we do. Our flagship programs involve working with children in underprivileged communities with a view to enroll them in formal, informal or vocational education.

IDF adopts

These programs are supplemented by counselling sessions for
families to highlight the importance of educating their children.
Thus IDF adopts a grass-roots level approach where it takes
into consideration both the children and the family, and
endeavours to turn them towards education.
Why give special attention to girls and women ?

"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

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IDF has a proven track record in the conceptualization of long lasting community strategies and strengthening of existing facilities that help those who need it the most. IDF also pioneers quality reforms that not only enthuse and inspire, but also sensitize society to important issues that are faced by young women and girls. A special focus remains on females and ensuring that they are enrolled in formal education, included in the society and not adversely impacted by gender discrimination.

Girls in developing countries face a lot of discrimination and are often discouraged from pursuing formal education for various reasons such as early marriage, lack of awareness, oppression, and domestic gender based violence. At IDF, we are working our way through to dismantle the belief that a girl is a liability. . IDF believes that an educated and confident woman is capable of changing the belief system of the entire community.When girls are educated they are more aware of the society and their rights, which gives them the confidence to stand up for themselves. We also give them vocational training which gives them the necessary skills to be independent.