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About Us

Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) foresees a future where every girl child is educated and empowered. IDF was founded in 2005 with the belief that every child has the right to education, the ability to control their own lives, lead a healthy life, and attain a sustainable livelihood.

Why Girls…?

Girls have the transformative power to build the foundation of a healthy and sustainable society. Investing in Girls’ education can transform communities and the entire nation. Educated girls can contribute up to USD 20 trillion into the global economy (source: Bloomberg____) by 2050. educating a girl makes it more likely that she would get married at a later age and choose to have fewer and healthier children. Completing secondary education can give a girl economic independence so that she is able to support and elevate her family from poverty. A growing-up girl living in poverty is often forced into prostitution. Educating a girl also helps reduce the risk of transmitting deadly diseases.

We choose Girls — As —The Change starts with Girls

Our Work

To drive these changes, IDF has identified and worked towards grassroot problems that are barriers to girls’ education, such as poverty, gender gaps in learning, child marriage, early pregnancy, gender stereotypes, gender-based violence, safety, hygiene and sanitation, access to clean water, and the lack of mensuration awareness. We are committed to working for the vulnerable and underprivileged girls and empower them with education and training that will contribute to the holistic development of life-skills and capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition into employment and entrepreneurship.

Our Approach…

At Indian Dreams Foundation we have executed and implemented tailored programs to address the needs of these girls and empower them to be independent, resilient and self-confident. Our flagship programs Honhar Lardki and Ready to School have helped reduce school dropouts by sponsoring education. One of our most important focus areas is to ensure that each of our sponsored girls complete secondary level education. Parallelly, we provide informal education and skill-trainings to make our girls confident and school ready.

Heer –
“Being a poor Muslim girl, getting education is like a dream for us and almost impossible because of social cultures and conservative mindsets. I feel fortunate to get the education, and my roadmap for becoming a teacher is now visible.”

Honhar Lardki – Sponsored program

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

We Reform

IDF also pioneers quality reforms that not only enthuse and inspire, but also sensitize society to important issues that are faced by young women and girls. Our special program We Connect focuses on female counselling and vocational training to ensure that they first obtain a sense of self-worth and confidence, and that they can work, earn and support their families independently.

By 2025, we aim to see a substantial increase in girl’s enrollment and secondary school completion. We look forward to starting skill development and technological training programs. Promote women empowerment by supporting entrepreneurship.

For more information about our goals and the details of our approaches, read our strategic plan.