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It’s a Fact that every girl is born with invisible barriers. Sponsoring them will help them turn obstacles into opportunities. Letting them grow will allow our communities to grow.

Right now, more then 130 million Girls are not in school. One in Nine Girls in the developing world are married before the age of 15. One in Six Women give birth before the age of 18.

When we educate girls, we help them make informed choices, lead a happy and healthy life, build sustainable livelihood, and contribute to the development of a better nation.

Where are the girls?” It’s a question that is asked when stepping into the classrooms around the world. Classrooms are ready and waiting but still so much of blank spaces still exist to remain.

You need not be well-acquainted with a plethora of facts and figures to understand how dire the situation of the girl child is across the globe and especially in a developing country like India. Deprived of the basic human rights, they have been sacrificed at the altar of gender for generations. One of the most painfully recurrent ways in which this deprivation manifests itself for the girls is through an alarming lack of access to education.


Empowerment and education” being our mission, we have adopted a number of drives and initiatives that specifically target adolescent girls and the obstacles they face in securing quality education.

Associated Programs

Our associated programs strive to bridge the gaps that hinder girls to pursue education. We have taken a holistic approach to build confidence and resilience among our girls by focusing on building life skills and digital-literacy training. We implement gender-inclusive approaches to education, and support infrastructure development to create a safe, healthy and clean learning environment.