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Acknowledging impact for the causes…

Amrish Kacker

The IDF team have taken on the big challenge of empowering the girl child in under-privileged communities in Agra. They have developed a unique ecosystem-based approach that is delivering sustainable results – clearly visible in my visits to Agra. I thank Punit for giving me the opportunity to support the IDF yodhas and take small steps in making big differences.

Vandana Rao

The work done by the IDF team is groundbreaking in many ways. The fundamental goal of empowering the female population through education, enablement sessions and community spirit is what sets them up for success. It gives me great pleasure to work with these amazing young women, giving them a sense of confidence and purpose. Changing the life of one woman can change the lives of the entire family. Women for women, step by step, bringing about much needed change.

Sachin Varshney

I have been associated with IDF since 2016. I am illuminated by their mission and acknowledge the social causes this organisation is addressing for the betterment of society. Besides financial support, I also feed pro-bono services related to technology and digital media.

Umang Bhaskar

Girl’s education and gender equality is the foremost precedence for me. The IDF is making noteworthy exertions for girls’ rights. I am greatly encouraged by their girls’ education project and have supported this cause for the last five years.

Veera Mahajan

I comprehended the challenges girls and women face in different communities as a woman. I also firmly believe that education can only provide rays of hope for any girl’s future. That is why I am supporting educational sponsorship for two girls.

Sohini Das

I have been volunteering with IDF for almost three months now. It has been a fantastic journey. IDF is doing an outstanding job working for women and children. They have yielded tangible results and continue to strive for more. IDF gives me hope that there are still people out there wanting to walk that extra mile for fellow people of the society.

Aparna Lal

I had the pleasure of working with the Indian Dreams Foundation as a part of one of our projects. I want to congratulate the IDF Team for their dedication and good work. They are indeed making a big difference in society.

Priyanshi Garg

I am a volunteer with IDF and enjoying a great experience working there. The organisation is enacting competently to empower women and girls. Their endeavours deliver results as I have felt a drastic change, for good, in the beneficiaries.

Raj Kapoor

My daughter Prachi is fortunate because she is getting an education. I am shoe labour and cannot afford education expenditures. In our family, she is the only girl going to school. Thanks to the Indian Dreams Foundation for the support.


I could not believe my eyes when I first saw Shweta in school uniform because we are not even in conditions to meet two meals, so providing education to all my children was a distant dream, but IDF has turned my dream into reality supporting Shweta’s education expenses.


I have been a dropout from school for the last two years, and it was unbelievable to go back to school. Since my father’s death two years back, we have faced day-to-day challenges for survival. However, just because of the aegis of the Indian Dreams Foundation, I am in school again and feel blessed adequately to get an education.