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Your charitable contributions will help our girls realize their dreams.

become a SPONSOR
To give the Girls a chance for a better future

A sponsorship connects two people — A sponsor with a generous heart and a venerable girl who needs our support.

There are numerous hindrances due to which Girls are not able to pursue their education or are school dropouts at a very early age. These Girls come from marginalized sections of the society where they are not able to continue their education due to the lack of financial stability, health issues, early marriage, etc. They are especially vulnerable and face uncertain futures.

What will your Sponsored girl receive?

Your monthly gift of $35 will give your sponsored girl the means to meet her basic needs. The sponsored amount will support her health and medical care, education, life skills and job training until graduation.

She will also receive support from our dedicated members and volunteers which would include after-school tuitions and training activities that would help them to succeed.

She will get a chance to develop a personal connection with someone who cares (you!) and the invaluable feeling that they are special and loved.

How to start as a Sponsor?

You will receive the biodata and a photo of the girl you would like to sponsor.

As a sponsor, you will get updates on a regular basis through emails, and insights about your impact in actions on the child’s progress.

You will receive handwritten letters, painted pictures or cards from your sponsored child.

You will also have an option to visit the sponsored child and take a tour of our community centers.

Meet the Girls waiting for a sponsor

Name: Chinki
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 01/01/2012
Lives with: Parents
Monthly Family Income: 5,000 INR
Current Status: Goes to School

Name: Tanvi
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 12/07/2009
Lives with: Parents
Monthly Family Income: 4,000 INR
Current Status: Goes to School

Name: Vaishnavi
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 17/04/2015
Lives with: Parents
Monthly Family Income: 5,500 INR
Current Status: Goes to School

If you have any questions please email at info@idf4all.org